The Church of Christ in Fogelsville



FEATURED SERMON: Our Spiritual Budget

by Anthony Mertz | Luke 16:1-13

Love & Empathy

If we truly care about others, we will both put ourselves in their shoes, and put them in ours. This is one of the central messages of the whole Bible.

Love and Empathy

by Anthony Mertz | Matthew 7:7-12; Romans 12:9-21

God’s Chosen

We hear it all the time: “those people are God’s chosen,” or “I’m one of God’s chosen.” So, what does it mean to be chosen by God, and why does it even matter?

Are You One of God's Chosen?

by Anthony Mertz | Exodus 19:3-6; Galatians 3:23-29

Everyone Complains!

Life can be so unfair and frustrating! But… how do we respond to these things? Do we complain, or seek something more meaningful?

How can we Stop Complaining?

by Anthony Mertz | Philippians 2:14-16

First Impressions

Are our first thoughts about someone else negative or positive? Do we immediately lean into pessimism, or do we seek the better things first? (Songs were sung during this sermon that have been edited out for time.)

First Thoughts: Negative or Positive?

by Anthony Mertz | 2 Corinthians 4:1-6

The Day of the Lord

Jesus has promised that He will return one day… but, when will that be, and what will happen when He does?

When Will Jesus Return?

by Anthony Mertz | Matthew 24:36-51

The Pandemic and Jesus

Covid-19 caused a lot of division in this world… but, what was the ideal Christian response to such division?

Christian Unity During the Pandemic

by Anthony Mertz | Romans 15:1-7

Why Did Jesus Wash Feet?

One day left… and He decided to wash feet. Is that what you would do with one day left? 

One Day Left... and He Washed Feet

by Anthony Mertz | John 13:1-20

To Heal or To Destroy?

When someone hurts us, harms us, or seeks to cause problems for us, how should we react?

Do we Seek to Heal or Seek to Destroy?

by Anthony Mertz | Romans 12


Reading the Bible Better

The Bible is a huge collection of writings! With over fifty separate writings, written by over thirty different people, spanning hundreds of years, and often written to cultures and times that seem odd to us, understanding the Bible can be a daunting task! 

By asking a few key questions every time you read, you will be able to get something applicable from every single chapter! Won’t you come with us on this journey as we use Genesis chapters one through five to assist us?

Part One - What Does this Teach me about God?

by Anthony Mertz | Genesis 1

Part Two - What Does this Teach me about Man & Man's Relationship with God?

by Anthony Mertz | Genesis 2

Part Three - What Does this Teach me about Righteousness and Sin?

by Anthony Mertz | Genesis 3a

Part Four - What Does this Teach me about Satan's Trickery?

by Anthony Mertz | Genesis 3b

Part Five - What does this Teach me about the Importance of Studying the Bible?

by Anthony Mertz | Genesis 4:1-6:8


Mental Health

One of the most misunderstood, often ignored, or mistreated topics in Christianity is mental health. Is it “all in your head” as some people claim, or is there something far deeper at play?

Part One - Why Should We Even Care?

by Anthony Mertz | Romans 12:15

Part Two - The Value of You

by Anthony Mertz | Luke 15:1-7

Part Three - Coping with Anxiety and Worry

by Anthony Mertz | Matthew 6:19-34